eTaxAudit™ makes sure that you are always prepared for any and all audits as they arise. Our web-based solution offers collaboration and information sharing between multi-state corporations and auditing authorities. It can also be used effectively for internal auditing. The tax auditing process doesn’t have to be stressful. eTaxAudit™ will make your company’s audits hassle-free.

Makes Audit Management Much More Convenient
Using eTaxAudit™ anyone involved in the tax compliance process can have access to all the necessary information via an easy-to-use web-based application. Since it’s viewed with any web browser, audits can be conducted over a wide geographic area with team members that are perhaps located throughout the world. eTaxAudit™ makes audit managed compliance convenient for both the auditors and the organization being audited.

Improved Communication for Audit System and Tax Workflow
The key to having an efficient audit is communication. There needs to be fast and easy communication between not only the auditors and your company’s staff members, but also internally among your corporate tax team. eTaxAudit™ addresses this by offering a specific messaging feature to manage all audit-related communications.

An Audit System with Simple Tax Document Management
Corporate tax team collaboration is made easy with eTaxAudit™’s simple tax document management tools. It lets your tax department access, manage, and share the information they need to ensure that managed compliance runs smoothly. eTaxAudit™’s complete automated document life cycle also reveals how documents are prepared, reviewed, and approved; where they are stored; and how they are ultimately disposed of and/or retained. This kind of transparency has a huge positive impact in regards to audit management.

A Better-Organized Audit System
eTaxAudit™ supplies your tax compliance department with a system of folders and subfolders for organizing all the tax documents related to your audits. This information is then accessible anytime anywhere on a secure web-based tax portal. The online filing system can be completely customized to your specific needs making your audit system much more efficient.

eTaxAudit™ relieves a tremendous amount of pressure from companies that are required to undergo routine auditing. It converts what is often a complicated, stressful process into a simple and efficient review of tax compliance. Our audit management software will ensure that you are 100% prepared for both external and internal audits.