Access Audits from Anywhere

AuditRoom is accessible from any web browser, which allows audit teams to conduct audits over a wide geographic area with distributed teams and access important documents anywhere any time.

Collaborate on Auditing Efforts Easily

Create an Audit Room or a Project to manage collaboration between internal corporate departments and external audit authorities on any specific audit.

Working on an internal or external audit requires team work. AuditRoom takes collaboration to new heights. The entire audit team can work on the same page in an online collaborative space with virtually no learning curve. You can receive a request for the document from auditors within the specific room and respond to it with the help of the response feature. The Audit team can work on different projects at the same time.

Organize Audit Documentation Effortlessly

Use Folders and Sub-Folders to categorize and manage documents within an Audit.

The auditors within an organization can increase their internal control by organizing documents or reports related to the specific audit into folders and subfolders. There is no need to upload large files on your desktop. All the supporting documents can be stored within the originating document itself, thereby eliminating the need to search for the supporting documents.

Manage Audit Communication with Ease

Communication is a key element in internal and external audits. While you are in an audit, you can send messages to other staff members or external auditors through the messaging feature in AuditRoom.

AuditRoom increases the efficacy of operations by providing internal messaging, as well as external messaging. This means that when the organization’s audit team sends a message, that message will be received by the recipient in his or her email, as well as in the recipient’s Inbox in AuditRoom.

Automate Audit Processes Checklists

Avoid material weaknesses by creating an audit checklist that is required for a structured audit process.

Use the Task List feature, to create a check list and assign tasks to the internal audit document preparation team for submission of requested information. All requested information and documents can be submitted against a task, and all the team members can view Open, Assigned, and In Progress tasks.

Easily Share Documents across Audits

The Global Document feature can help internal and external auditors to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations by sharing the documents related to the various audits. You no longer need to reload the same documents across audits.

Easier and Simpler Document Management

AuditRoom™ document management capabilities meet today’s collaborative challenge with the entire component that a tax department needs to access, manage and share. It addresses all the document centric compliance issues and eliminates any material weaknesses. It improves document management by converting from paper processes to electronic automated processes. It provides a complete automated document life cycle, including how documents are prepared, reviewed, and approved; where they are stored; and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained.

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