Dashboards to Simplify Processes

eTaxFileRoom provides project dashboards, as well as individual dashboards, that give transparency and visibility to all tax processes.

Audit Dashboard Reporting

The Project Dashboard is designed to give administrators transparency and visibility to all the tax projects and processes. It allows users to view the status of a project through statistics and multi-dimensional reporting. In addition, administrators can see the individual status of all documents.

Intuitive Document Lifecycle Management

It begins with document approval lifecycle in which documents can be assigned to the participants of the project. All the documents can be assigned status. As the document reaches to the completion, its status changes from assigned, prepared, reviewed and completed.

Every time the document is modified or changed, eTaxFileRoom locks the version and keeps records. Personal Dashboards of a user and a Project Dashboard will display all the documents and the status, keeping all users informed.

At the time of uploading, the documents are classified according to the standard taxonomy. All the categorized documents can be viewed in eTaxFileRoom, and any report can be exported to Excel.

Classification of Taxonomy

eTaxFileRoom provides classification of taxonomy that helps improve content discoverability and content reuse, both of which enhance team productivity. It allows tax departments to dictate their own unlimited standard classifications, applied to every document that is uploaded. A report of all classified documents can be generated and exported to Excel.

Multiple file uploading

eTaxFileRoom allows multiple file uploading functionality. Documents can be uploaded in any format instantly.

Link Emails to Your Projects

eTaxFileRoom gives an ability to link e-mails to a project, allowing team members to easily manage all their e-mail by linking important messages to any project or file. Documents can be sent directly to the project through email.

Notification and Alerts

At every step of document management, email notifications are generated through the eTaxFileRoom application informing users when they are assigned to a project. Every team member who is participating will be notified by eTaxFileRoom about changes in the status of a document. Reminders can be created to keep the team members on target.

Version Control

Every time the document is modified or changed, eTaxFileRoom locks the version and keeps records.

Outlook Integration to Projects

eTaxPortal enables powerful integration to Microsoft Outlook. One can effectively manage his or her email by linking important messages to a project or file. In addition to sending email to the Project, eTaxFileRoom lets you create VCalendar entries that can be added to your calendar.

Manage Users

eTaxPortal allows organizations to manage users and their information. Users can be associated with their respective companies.

Easily Managed Communication Channels

eTaxFileRoom application increases the efficacy of operations by providing internal messaging, as well as external messaging. This means that when the organization’s project team sends an email message, that message will be received by the recipient at his or her email address, as well as in the recipient’s Inbox of the eTaxFileRoom application.