eTaxPortal enables tax teams to securely access, share and control digital assets and information. It facilitates the incremental creation of corporate data and provides unified, real-time access to information held in disparate systems.

Cost Effective
eTaxPortal delivers maximum flexibility with lower cost of ownership and increased ROI. eTaxPortal reduces overall cost by introducing process automation with in your tax department. It increases efficiency and accuracy; as a result tax professional can focus on more valuable activities such as tax planning.

Software as a service
eTaxPortal and its modules are the first of their type to be offered solely as “software as a service” (Saas). In other words, there is no installation or upgrades of software, you simply log into your secure eTaxPortal website and unleash the power of tax process automation tools. Say good-bye to IT infrastructure complexity and hello to software power, performance, and anytime access.

Integration Beyond
Extend the utility of your existing technology with the open architecture of eTaxPortal by integrating it with any of your existing third-party tools and ensures compatibility with future technology advancements. Expand your access to data, including tax and accounting software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) applications and compliance tools. In addition, further streamline your workflow with eTaxPortal’s integration with MS Outlook and other e-mail programs.

Modular to maximize your Investment
eTaxPortal is truly a modular suite of tax process automation products; meaning you can implement only the modules you need, when you need them. Our Suite of products allows you to implement what you need and either use the solutions as stand-alone tools or integrate eTaxPortal modules with what you are currently using to our product suite.

True Portal Platform
With eTaxPortal, we have combined our experience in the creation of portals, with our years of experience in working with tax functions to create an easy to use, cost effective solution of implementing a portal within your organization that brings transparency and visibility to all your tax processes.

Robust Security and Access Controls
Since Tax departments have document-centric processes that involve sensitive or confidential data, associated workflows must be able to control who can view and administer these processes. Strict access rules are applied to the digital assets coupled with comprehensive user management and powerful architecture to ease corporate tax processes’ administration.

  • eTaxPortal implementation methodology offers flexible and cost effective solution for document management coupled with unmatched support to manage your resources efficiently and effectively.

  • We simplify complexity with services to impeccably manage your entire document centric processes in multi-vendor, heterogeneous IT infrastructure.

  • We extend the worth and reach of your enterprise with SaaS based document management and collaboration solutions to ensure your business success.

  • We help you to make the most out of your resources by effectively carrying out document centric processes. Your access to our consultants helps you to answer the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • We enable you to create a concrete bond between your business strategy and document management needs through eTaxPortal framework and guidance. It empowers you to keep focus on your key business strategies and improve your bottom line.

  • We work for you to deliver the document management services you need at a cost you can afford and make available whatever skill set or technology you need to run your business infrastructure effectively as an on-going concern.

  • We structure each engagement to be extremely flexible, so that your document management infrastructure stays nimble and can change without penalizing your business.