eTaxCalendar eliminates the manual process of using multiple spreadsheets to track all corporate tax filings, payments, and the filing of extensions, returns, and other important dates. It keeps track of all filing dates producing an efficient and on-time filing.

Streamlined Workflow

eTaxCalendar provides the management tools necessary to improve workflows and gain efficiencies:

Auto generates the complete calendar of filing, payments, and extension requirements (obligations) based on legal entity structure, jurisdiction, and assignment of obligations.

Delivers the ability to assign tasks, notify and create due-date reminders, and create status updates throughout the lifecycle of an obligation (created, reviewed, approved, filed, waived, reopened and amended).

Produces robust reports that users can filter and sort including:

Summary status, due date tracking and payment/refund.

eTaxCalendar also is the only calendar to provide ad hoc custom reporting at your fingertips. Users can run reports on any field or set of fields, with distinct filter criteria and export everything to Excel. Reports can be run across jurisdictions, across and including any combination of filing entities, amounts, status, and due dates.

Simplified and Intelligent Filing Process

eTaxCalendar determines the due date of an obligation for either calendar or fiscal year filers, with its pre-populated and maintained database of obligations for income tax, franchise and payroll tax, sales and use tax, as well as annual reports. Custom obligations can be easily added. In addition, eTaxCalendar automatically populates form names and mailing addresses for all obligations.

Exponential Data Power

eTaxCalendar is built on service oriented architecture and can integrate with any third-party tool for easier data access, including tax and accounting software, enterprise resource planning applications (ERPs) and compliance tools. Entities and jurisdictional obligations can be uploaded to further automate calendar setup. In addition, the eTaxCalendar interacts with MS Outlook and email programs, and can export calendar data to further streamline workflow.

Compliance with Ease

Regardless of how many entities your clients have and jurisdictions they are doing business in, or how many clients you are managing, eTaxCalendar assists in ensuring all tax filings are filed accurately in a timely fashion, by automatically updating the filing dates and the fileable forms from the various tax jurisdictions.

Total Control of your Clients' Tax and Non Tax obligations

With eTaxCalendar, take control of all corporate and partnership filing requirements across many different entities and jurisdictions. Manage income, franchise, payroll and sales and use tax returns/filings, extensions, and tax payments. It also provides an option to create custom obligations for tracking specific filing deadlines, giving users more control and flexibility. With eTaxCalendar, there would be no assessed penalties due to missed dates or incorrect obligations.

Saves Time and Increases Efficiency

eTaxCalendar saves time and make the filing process efficient by automatically populating relevant due dates for obligations such as estimated payments, filing extensions, and returns based on filer properties, as well as pre-populating USPS certified mailing addresses. It also allows you to maintain calendars for multiple years.

Easy to Use Web Enabled Interface

eTaxCalendar provides an intuitive interface accessible from any web browser, thus allowing eTaxCalendar availability and accessibility anywhere and anytime.

Reduces Cost

In addition to eTaxCalendar's minimum user fee, it also reduces IT costs since it eliminates the need for dedicated IT personnel to install and maintain.

Addresses All Your Reporting Needs

eTaxCalendar provides a set of standard reports, the Summary Status Report, the Due Date Tracking Report, and the Payment/Refund Report. Every report has filters that enable you to view information in a number of ways and allow the data to be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. eTaxCalendar's robust architecture and flexible design permits any number of custom reports to easily and quickly meet your specific needs.