Automated Tax Processes

eTaxCalendar increases automation by reducing the need for your tax department to perform manual and redundant tasks. It performs a wide array of due date calculations and populates the form name, description and mailing addresses for each obligation.

Up-to-date Updates

eTaxCalendar automatically calculates the relevant due dates for obligations such as estimated payments, filing extensions, and returns, based on entity properties. Up-to-date forms and rules are included with the system that provides coverage for over 8,000 taxing jurisdictions. To keep the eTaxCalendar system current on changing tax information, updates are provided by accredited tax research professionals.

Provision for Custom Obligations

eTaxCalendar allows you to set up custom obligations in the calendar for events that would require due dates for situations out of the normal taxing jurisdictions parameters.

Usable Interface

The eTaxCalendar has an easy drag and drop feature for assigning obligations to the entities and allows the client to view the various obligations by taxing jurisdictions (state) and tax type. Simply select the state and the applicable tax type and choose from the various tax forms for that particular state. From the listing the client can drag the particular tax form over to the legal entity.

eTaxCalendar seamlessly integrates the look and functionality of Microsoft Outlook’s calendar, which enables you to leverage the familiarity with how tasks, meetings, etc. are traditionally set up. The list view in eTaxCalendar allows you to look at a list of obligations which can be filtered by many different criteria (due dates, jurisdiction, tax type, etc.). These features improve the application interface and greatly enhance the overall usability.

Update Multiple Obligations Simultaneously

eTaxCalendar provides the ability to update multiple obligations as a single unit. Specifically, eTax Calendar allows you to look at the list of obligations and select multiple obligations with a similar due date to then be worked on all at once. This unique feature allows you to be able to work on multiple filings simultaneously, without having to select one at a time and finish the first selected filing prior to being able to work on other filings that are due. It heightens efficiency by enabling multitasking within the process.

Manage Calendar for Multiple Years

eTaxCalendar allows the tax department to manage calendars for multiple years. Its yearly roll over function enables the filings by taxing jurisdictions to be rolled into a new calendar year, and automatically adjusts the obligation’s due date based on the holiday and non-business days of the year by following the rule based exceptions of taxing jurisdictions - preventing late filing of obligations.

Proven Technology

eTaxCalendar is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), which makes it highly cost effective and enables CPA firms to efficiently manage all the tax and non-tax obligations for an unlimited number of corporate clients and entities.