Eliminate the maintenance of  several error prone excel spread sheets for arriving at the calculations used in executing the responsibilities of the tax function, With the Intelysys a Namtra subsidiary a Namtra subsidiary Data Collection tool you can import all accounting systems data (SAP, Oracle Financial etc) in a single accounting data repository and use it across all the tax sub-processes such as tax accounting, international, federal, and state income & franchise taxes, indirect taxes (sales & use, VAT, GST), property taxes, fixed assets, and other key activities performed by the tax function.

By utilizing a data management tool with an accounting data repository, the tax function will create one version of the data that is used by all tax sub-processes to ensure consistent information.   Analytical reports can be built on the top of the accounting data store to enable better tax forecasting and planning.

Intelysys a Namtra subsidiary Data Collection Tool enables the capture of all accounting data monthly for:

  • All account balances for all segments
  • All general ledger transactions
  • Full fixed asset download
  • Complete sales register
  • Eliminated need to rely on multiple reports
  • Provide exports for all tax feeder systems
  • Any data source requires

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