eTaxFileroom plays a pivotal role in tax process automation. The management of corporate taxes is often complicated and consisting of countless documents. eTaxFileroom is the ultimate tax file manager. This solution will keep all of your documents organized and easily accessible to your entire team via a web-based portal. Tax information management has never been easier!

Simplifies Tax Document Management
The days of having to search through endless file cabinets for the tax document you need are long over. eTaxFileroom provides a central area for all your tax information, and best of all, it can be accessed locally or among a network of offices around the globe. That’s because it serves as an online embedded tax document repository and streamlines the processes involved with managing corporate taxes.

Easily Customized to Suit Every Corporate Tax Need
Using eTaxFileroom is extremely intuitive for our clients. Within minutes a user is accessing the file manager to quickly search across projects for the documents they require. eTaxFileroom can be easily tailored to your organization and corporate tax structure. Tax information can be classified, tagged, captured, stored, and re-used as needed.

Provides Tax Process Automation for Clients of all Sizes
Whether you plan to use eTaxFileroom within a single department or among a globally dispersed enterprise, our tax file manager can be scaled to your particular needs. eTaxFileroom is built upon a multi-tier distributed architecture, which enables this kind of customization. eTaxFileroom offers managed compliance for all organizations large and small.

Keeps All of Your Information Safe
Using eTaxFileroom is a great way to ensure that your sensitive corporate tax information is made available only to those individuals who have permission to view it. Our tax file manager uses encryption and user passwords to make sure that your tax information is always kept secure. eTaxFileroom allows clients to establish confidentiality guidelines for “read-only” or editable access to corporate tax documents.

As you can see, eTaxFileroom’s embedded tax document repository provides a strong foundation for tax process automation. It takes tax file management to a new level by providing numerous options for organization and accessibility. Also, its security features offer clients tremendous peace of mind knowing that their confidential information is always kept safe and secure. If you want your corporate tax team’s productivity to skyrocket, then you need to be using eTaxFileroom!