eTaxFileRoom addresses the heightened challenges created by today’s changing tax environment by easing digital asset management. Essentially, it enables you to create, store, setup taxonomy, version, distribute, and control digital assets and information, thus increasing the productivity of distributed teams and improving tax processes to avoid risk and material weaknesses. Because it is built on multi-tier distributed architecture it is scalable from a single department to a globally dispersed enterprise. Furthermore, content can be classified, tagged, captured, stored and re-used in a single environment. Document management “file rooms” are fully integrated within projects, data requests, notice tracking, audit management and every workflow within the eTaxPortal.

Easy to Use Anytime and Anywhere
Secure Collaboration and Sharing
Comprehensive Document Management
Powerful Workflow Engine
Robust Security
Reduced Cost
Improved Controls for SOX Compliance
Streamlined and Automated Tax Processes
Highly Adaptable and Intuitive Environment

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