The world of corporate taxes is often one of complicated rules and regulations, countless documents, stress-filled audits, and more.  However, by harnessing the power of eTaxPortal your company can utilize a plethora of feature-rich web-based solutions that can simplify and streamline all of your corporate tax processes.  From document management and task delegation to audit management and enhanced communication, eTaxPortal will provide you with valuable tax process automation.

Easy to Use and Accessible Around the Globe
eTaxPortal’s dashboards are extremely easy-to-use.  Your corporate tax team will be able to be up and running on eTaxPortal in no time.  Best of all, since eTaxPortal is web-based, it is accessible among your team via a web browser anytime and anywhere in the world.  Your corporate tax team will experience work collaboration and easy information sharing like never before.

Completely Customizable to Your Specific Needs
Organizations of all sizes are reaping the benefits of using eTaxPortal.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large company, our tax management software can be completely customized so that it fits meets your demands.  Company 'A' range from locally based organizations to corporations with offices located all over the world.

Peace of Mind Knowing your Information is Always Secure
eTaxPortal offers robust security features to protect your company’s sensitive corporate tax information.  Our tax file managers are password protected so that only authorized individuals are able to access certain tax documents.  Only designated administrators are able to assign permissions on tasks and tax documents.

Increased Transparency and Stress-Free Auditing
When you use eTaxPortal you are able to track all the activity of your corporate tax department. For example, the tax document manager will record all changes made to a document, who has accessed a document, etc.  This suggests greater transparency and makes certain that all tax compliance guidelines are followed.  This, along with specialized auditing system features, help to make audit management convenient for everyone involved.

Improved Efficiency and Increased Profits
eTaxPortal’s tax process automation features allow companies to streamline their corporate tax workflows to a whole new level.  This increased efficiency will provide extra resources for your team to focus less on time consuming administrative tasks and more on profit-producing tax planning initiatives.  Better productivity always equals better profits, thanks to eTaxPortal.

eTaxPortal will completely revolutionize how your corporate tax department does business. Our suite of web-based software will provide you with a comprehensive solution for all your tax management needs. It’s simple to see that the well-executed tax process automation provided by eTaxPortal can have a dramatic positive effect on any company’s bottomline!  Contact us today to schedule a demo or register for a webinar and learn more about how eTaxPortal can help position your company for success!