Compared to SharePoint, eTaxPortal has been built with the Tax department in mind. eTaxPortal offers all the collaboration tools in a single integrated environment.

Fully Functionality   Limited Functionality   Require Customization
Features eTaxPortal SharePoint

Full Document Management

Attach, Store, and View


Attribute Search

Full Text Search


Access Control

Integrated with Tax Functionality

Track Documents Status

Email Reminders and alerts

Customized Workflow Templates

Audit Trail

Internet Hosted Solution

Secure Access

Integrated Security


Low Cost Solution

Customized Tax Workflows

Single document repository

Customized Tax Workflow Templates

Tax Functionality via Single Application

Tax Process Workflow Task Lists

Email Support

Tax Project Management

Project and Individual dashboards

Tax Document Reporting

Workspaces directly relevant to Tax

Notices/IDR/Issue Log

Tax Calendar

Project Health Management

Requires Multiple Applications Skill Set

Archiving entire Projects

Tax Compliance Support

Fully Functionality   Limited Functionality   Require Customization
* Comparison is based upon the functionality delivered to the corporate tax processes exclusively

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