Dashboards to Simplify Tax Workflows

eTaxWorkflow provides project dashboards, as well as individual dashboards that give transparency and visibility to all tax processes.
Project Dashboard
The Project Dashboard is designed to give administrators transparency and visibility to all the tax projects and processes. It allows users to view the status of a project through statistics and graphical illustrations. In addition, administrators can see the individual status of all documents.
Personal Dashboard
eTaxWorkflow gives you the ability to create custom, personalized dashboards. It provides the user complete control of the information that he or she wants to view. For example, team members can view all the documents which are due today, past due and overdue; they can also view documents’ status along with the name of the project to which they are assigned. In addition, task reminders on the personalized dashboard keep all team members on track.

Create and Manage Tasks

The “administrator” can create a predefined template that contains tasks for projects and then add to it, based on project needs. In addition, team members can create and perform tasks according to his or her role type.

Workflow Notification and Alerts

At every step of a workflow, email notifications are generated through the eTaxWorkflow application, starting with informing a user that he or she is assigned to a project. Every team member who is participating will be notified by eTaxWorkflow about the tasks that need to be performed. Task reminders can be created to keep the team members on target for an on-time project completion.

Manage Workflow and Approvals

eTaxWorkflow begins with an approval tasks cycle in which tasks can be assigned to the participants of the project. All the tasks can be assigned a status. As the task reaches completion, its status changes from Open, Assigned, Prepared, Reviewed and Signed-off. All necessary documents can be assigned to the tasks.

Workflow Templates

The tax department may choose to develop and deploy completely custom workflows that are unique to their business processes. These custom workflow templates allow users to create, store and modify workflows for common business processes such as FAS 109 or Fin 48. Once created, the tasks on a task list can be assigned to the appropriate project team members. All requested information and documents can then be submitted against a task. By defining a standard checklist in eTaxWorkFlow, an organization stays on task and mitigates personnel risk. .

Link Emails to Your Projects

eTaxWorkflow gives the ability to link e-mail to a project enabling the easy management of all e-mail by linking important messages to your project or file. Documents can be sent directly to the Project through the email.

Task Reminders

Task reminders, displayed on the Personal Dashboard, allow the whole tax team to finish tasks on time.

Maintain Project Trails

A full audit trail enables compliance auditors to see who did what and when. The task history can also be filtered to facilitate searching for a specific project.

Outlook Integration to Projects

eTaxWorkflow gives the ability to link Microsoft Outlook e-mail to a project by virtue of which you can easily manage all your e-mail, linking important messages to your project or file. In addition to sending email to the Project, eTaxWorkflow allows you to create VCalendar entries that can be added to your calendar.

Access Control to Tasks

All users can be given rights to access or work on certain tasks or documents. For example, a person who has only “read only” rights in a particular project can view a task or a document without taking any action. A “preparer” or a “reviewer” can work on a task and has the ability to change the status and drive it to completion. An approver can then “sign off” on the task.

Impeccable Communication within Projects

eTaxWorkflow application increases the efficacy of operations by providing internal messaging as well as external messaging. Use the project specific messaging feature to manage communication between internal team and external team members/customers involved in a project. This means that when the organization’s project team sends a message, the message will be received by the recipient at his or her email address, as well as, in his or her Inbox in the eTaxWorkflow application.

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