Imagine how much better your company could excel if your corporate tax department was more efficient. eTaxWorkflow provides tax process automation in an easy-to-use interface accessible through any web browser. It enables your corporate tax team to take advantage of customizable tax management software anytime anywhere.

Increases Corporate Tax Team’s Productivity
eTaxWorkflow will quickly and easily streamline your corporate taxes. This solution allows your team to do less “paper pushing” so that they can focus on more valuable tasks. eTaxWorkflow is simple to use and makes corporate tax work smooth and efficient for corporate tax teams of all sizes.

Always Know Current Status of All Tax Operations
eTaxWorkflow’s tax process automation creates a flow of data among various tax-related tasks, such as FAS 109, FIN 48, state tax compliance, and federal tax compliance. These tasks can be executed by assigned corporate tax team members for a more organized tax management experience. In addition, the current status of all tax operations can be easily attained via eTaxWorkflow.

Ensure Consistent Tax Compliance
eTaxWorkflow facilitates tax planning and tax compliance by specifying and controlling the actions that happen to documents or content. This helps to keep projects on schedule and delegated to the appropriate individuals. Also, our tax management software provides high-level security measures to keep information safe at all times.

Save Money with Tax Process Automation
When you make your corporate tax department more efficient you free up your staff’s time to devote to more valuable work. By eliminating the basic, yet time consuming administrative tasks, eTaxWorkflow increases productivity and saves your company money overall. You will be amazed at the positive impact tax process automation can have on your budget.

In summary, eTaxWorkflow offers collaboration and information sharing among various groups involved in your corporate tax functions while strengthening internal controls and reducing risk. Our tax management solution can multiply productivity to levels you previously never thought possible. Get more done, in less time, AND save money by using eTax Workflow for your managed tax compliance and tax process automation needs.